28 February 2011

Review: ALDI Mamia Senstive Baby Wipes & Mamia Ultra Dry Nappies

Are you trying to save some money on those baby essentials such as nappies and wipes? Then I may just have the solution for you. The lovely people from ALDI have kindly sent us some of their wipes and nappies to test and review. A lovely pack of Mamia Senstive Baby Wipes and a pack of Mamia Ultra Dry Nappies. Here is what we thought of them.

Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes
I was rather sceptical of these wipes at first because they were such a great price I thought the quality could never match it! How wrong was I. These wipes are fantastic, I would even go as far as to say they are much better than some leading brands! You get 80 wipes in a pack and they are nice and thick and very moist. Some wipes I have tried were very dry and so thin and just did not clean my son's bottom well. My son has been having very bad nappy rash recently and these wipes did not hurt his bottom and he was quite happy for me to wipe him clean. They are hypoallergenic as well (and fragrance free) with Aloe Vera and Chamomile to help keep baby's skin soft and smooth. The packaging is good too with the lid retaining its stickiness so that the wipes can be firmly shut away so they do not dry out. You can buy these wipes from ALDI stores for an amazing 85p! These wipes have also won the Mother & Baby Silver Award for Best Baby Wipe in 2008/9.

Mamia Ultra Dry Nappies
The design on these nappies is very cute and this makes them appealing to the eye. They are a little bulkier than some nappies but this has not been a problem for my son, he is quite happy to wear them and I have had no complaints from him so they must be comfy. We have the size 4/4+  Maxi nappies which go from 15-44 lbs and my son is a big boy so there is plenty of room in them for him. You get 48 nappies in this size pack. Unfortunately for my son he has had some bad diarrhoea over the past week but it was the perfect time to try these nappies out. I can confidently and happily say that we have had no leaks from these nappies at all and they have kept all the yuky poo in, thank god. These nappies have been dermatologically tested and are hypoallergenic perfect for babies with sensitive skin like my little boy. You can buy these nappies from ALDI stores for £4.99, which works out at just over 10p per nappy! They are also available in different sizes not just size 4/4+.

I really struggled to find any problems or faults with both of these products and I still cannot find any!

Overall these are both great products which I would happily recommend to friends and family. They tick all the boxes when it comes to price, quality and practicality. A good all round baby essential buy and one that will save you some pennies without compromise.

Logan's rating - 10/10
Mummies rating - 10/10

You can find more amazing baby products from Aldi on their website: www.aldi.co.uk

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