12 February 2011

Logan Loves...


Yes that's right, cushions! A few weeks ago Logan took a shine to the cushions on my sofa in the living room and thus the love affair began.

Logan has decided that the cushions no longer belong on the sofa where they sit nice and pretty for visitors to see, No, they belong on the floor where he can jump on them, put his head on them and roll around in them. No matter how many times I pick them off the floor and return them to their rightful place on the sofa, minutes later I will always find them on the floor! They only get a rest when Logan is shipped off to bed for sleepy time.

I am not sure if the cushions have done something to Logan to make him have this vendeta against them! Maybe one of their feathers tickled him? Who knows, all I know is that my cushions are no longer safe...

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Laura Leanne on 12 February 2011 at 14:56 said...

Oh God - this is Isla down to a tea. She loves nothing more than putting her head down on a cushion on the floor. She loves em!!!!

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