28 January 2011

Review: Skibz

I was browsinng the facebook page of Cuddledry and came across a little advert from them for Skibz! Skibz I thought, sounds like a posh bib to me! However I was mistaken so I decided to do a little review on them.

Logan dribbles like mad and has done so since he was around 2 months old, which is a nightmare as all his tops get saturated and his little neck gets raw from being wet all the time even when I put a bib on him. So being the 'I'll try anything' mother that I am, I ordered a Skibz from their website and am very pleased I did.

The Skibz that I ordered arrived a few days later and was very well packaged in a fancy shiny jiffy bag. The packaging was so good I've kept it to re-use for when I sell some items on ebay, bonus! Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and all that! Anyway, I opened the packaging to find a gorgeous bright coloured quality Skibz and to make it even better I received a hand written message on the invoice that said "Thank you for your order - enjoy!" I feel that this personal touch is great and shows that the company has taken the time to thank the customer for their purchase and also shows appreciation. More companies should do this!

Skibz also do another thing which I think more companies should do, package their items in materials that can be recycled. The Skibz comes in a carboard sleeve which is sprinkled with information on the Skibz its self. I love the fact that they advertise that the Skibz was designed by a British mum, go team Britain!

The age range for the Skibz is 0-3 years they come in an array of lovely colours and patterns and have 2 studs to secure around your childs neck. Logan is almost 14 months and he has to use the second stud as the first is too tight around his neck. I'm not sure if it will last him till he's 3 if he's using the second stud already! The RRP of the Skibz is £10.00 but having took a special offer code from the Cuddledry facebook page I got Logan's for £9.00!

Skibz themselves say that they "only select very tightly woven fabric to ensure maximum absorbency and lasting quality." This I feel is true as none of Logan's tops have become wet from his dribbling whilst wearing this and also it's been through the washing machine already and hasn't faded one bit! Normally when I put a bib through the washing machine it fades and discolours quite quickly. Skibz also say that they "are pre-shrunk" so they will not shrink in the wash. This is also true, after I put mine in the washing machine there was no shrinking at all, fantastic! The Skibz must also be comfortable to wear as Logan does not try to take it off and will quite happily wear it all day without any fuss, even when I put it around his neck he doesn't mind. There are no dribbles getting to his neck either now so it's kept dry and he is not sore anymore.

Overall I feel the Skibz is a great buy for any dribbling baby or toddler but may be a little expensive for families on a budget.

So after all that, our overall scores are;

Logan's rating - 10/10
Mummies rating - 8.5/10

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