26 January 2011

Money Saving Tip & Tricks!

Make those pennies count

I've been noticing more and more people are blogging about money saving and how to go about it. It's a small reminder that this country is still in deep recession which will take us a little while yet to recover from! Anyhow, I thought I would jump on the band wagon and share 5 of my little money saving tips and tricks with everyone :)

#1 Leave the plastic at home - It seems simple enough but most people forget the point of this tip in the first place! If you're going out, take the money that you need with you (if you need any at all) and leave those debit/ credit cards behind so you are not tempted to spend extra when you never planned to in the first place, simples!!

#2 Shop around - Another simple tip and one of my favs. I love shopping another and scouring the net to find a good deal and to make sure that I am buying a product at the lowest price possible at the time of purchase. One of my favourite sites for glorious bargain hunting has to be HotUKDeals. This was kindly shown to me by my better half and I've never looked back!

#3 Toilet Roll - Yes!! It's one of those things EVERYONE needs and the cheapest price I could find it at without buying the cheap crap the crumbles in your hands was..... Farmfoods! They have a selection of toilet rolls with a hint of colours; white, blue, cream or pink and some smell nice too. You can buy 9 rolls for £2, that's 22p a roll! Bargain! Obviously if you can find good quality toilet roll for even cheaper then buy it. But when there isn't any good offers on, this is what I purchase.

#4 Poundland - Looking for a great gift at a great price then Poundland is your friend! I am a self confessed Poundland-aholic and I can sniff them out a mile away in any shopping centre. They have cheap gift bags for birthdays, new born babies, weddings etc, lots of stationery so you don't have to buy the expensive stuff for the kids and have them ruin it and lots of branded products for £1.00!! How much better can it get! A few examples of things I've purchased from Poundland are; fisher-price explore the rainforest book, colour changing egg timer, lotus vapour release olbas oil tissues (6 pack), organix moon biscuits, organix animal biscuits, organix fruit pots, plum baby food, organix crisps, tons of good books, tin foil for use in the trays whilst cooking, 2 pack of air tight containers (which are ok to keep things like opened packets of baby rice cakes) and much much more. It's always worth a look in Poundland, especially if you have a baby :-)

#5 The big shop - Make a list before you do the weekly shop so you don't buy extras just because 'they were' on offer. If you don't need it, don't buy it! Also check sell by dates and make sure you get the best possible date so that the product lasts longer and you can plan your family meals better around the dates so as not to waste food and thus wasting money. Shopping little and often can help save food waste as well but maybe not so good on the car fuel unless you plan in more than one journey whilst going to do the shopping!

2 comments on "Money Saving Tip & Tricks!"

Liz Burton on 26 January 2011 at 21:55 said...

Oh I love Poundland too! Yay!

It's great for kid's art and craft materials and books. One of my daughter's most popular Christmas presents this year was a stocking filler Poundland Cbeebies Numberjacks DVD. She's watched it over and over - best pound I ever spent!

The Breastest News on 26 January 2011 at 23:12 said...

Lol, same here! I got my little boy one of those bouncy balls that lights up when you bounce it and he loves it :) Poundland rocks!!!

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