22 April 2020

Review: Spinmaster Candylocks Dolls & Pets

Harlow absolutely loves a little surprise in the post and since we can't go to the shops anymore (which she really enjoyed) she's been keeping a keen eye on what's been getting delivered instead. You can imagine her excitement then when the postie turned up with a special package just for her. Inside was a beautiful Candylocks doll complete with it's own pet! There might have been some excited squeals from Harlow when she saw it.

Candylocks are amazingly scented collectible dolls and pets with long hair so soft it looks like cotton candy. They're bright and colourful and honestly smell lovely. Some of the scents used are mango, peach and lemon. This new 2-Pack of Beachie Besties includes one 3-inch tropical-themed Candylocks doll and her Fruitpop pet friend. I just love the way they come packaged too. Their ombre hair (of 15 inches) is wrapped around the doll and the pet to hide them in a cotton candy cone shape. This series has the dolls looking like popsicles in the package which is very cool.

As well as receiving your doll and pet in this package you also get a couple of cute accessories. A lovely little hat and a hair pin that doubles up as a food bowl for your pet! Harlow loved having the accessories but her favourite thing to do was of course play with their hair. It's super soft, super long and doesn't need brushed plus has a unique texture which makes it easy to style even for little hands. We've been practicing a lot of pleats recently but you can create braids, buns, twists and ponytails on your doll and pet.

There's eight different Candylocks dolls and pet sets to collect which retail for around £12.99 and if you want to add anymore pets to your collection you can purchase the separate Candylocks pets scented surprise figurse for around £4.99 (20 different pets to collect). These are a great way to start your Candylocks collection. Each pack of Beachie Besties comes with 1 Candylocks Doll, 1 Candylocks Pet, 2 Accessories, 1 Collector Poster, 1 Instruction Sheet.

Harlow has had lots of fun playing with her Candylocks and pet and uses them to interact with other toys she has. She's right into her dolls at the moment and small animal toys so this gift was perfect. She has a list as long as my arm with toys she wants to buy with her birthday money once lockdown is over and there's definitely going to be some Candylocks on there. 

This product was gifted in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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