14 May 2019

5 Star Luxury at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife

At the start of this year I made a conscious effort to try and book in as many holidays as possible for myself and the family. We love travelling and a bit of adventure so getting away from the front door is a must if we can. Whilst browsing the Jet 2 holidays website I came across the lovely Hard Rock Hotel, and after much reading and researching decided to book as it looked ace. And I'm honestly so glad I did.

The Hard Rock in Tenerife is a massive 5 star luxury hotel with lots to offer. They have an amazing kids club which is open 9am to 9pm. Four different pools (kids pool, normal pool, adults only and beach club), a teen room full of Xboxes/ Playstations/ VR etc and a lovely play park right outside the kids club complete with sand pit and accessories. They even have floats for the pools which the hotel provide, think giant unicorns and flamingos!! It really is brilliant.

The Beach Club pool was one of our favourites. It was heated for starters, had an artificial beach with giant pillows to relax on, DJ booth with fab music being played and some aqua aerobics to keep you fit. We spent a lot of time here as a family enjoying ourselves. It's such a chilled hotel as well, nothing is too much trouble for the staff and they were all great with the kids.

I booked us in for Half Board and it was worth it to be honest. Plenty of choice for breakfast although the restaurant was always a bit mental past 9am. Breakfast was until 11am so you had plenty of time in the mornings. The dinner buffet was lovely as well, especially great for meat eaters and seafood lovers. The husband would eat all the meat and I would eat all the seafood. Happy as Larry. They had a little buffet for the kids too so they were quite happy.

Outside of the hotel there are a few shops and restaurants so plenty of places to get food if you choose only bed and breakfast. I did half board as it just makes life easier with kids sometimes. There are also a few other a la carte restaurants onsite at the Hard Rock and if you're half board they give you a supplement of 30 euro off per adult and 15 euro off per child so plenty of options.

We loved our stay that much we hardly ventured far from the hotel. However Siam Park is 20 minutes down the road in a taxi and we visited the Jungle Park zoo which was only 25 minutes in a taxi and cost around 20 euros so it was fine. The kids had a great time and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

If you have any questions on our stay at the Hard Rock Hotel do feel free to message me as happy to answer them as best I can.

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