20 December 2017

Review: Pretty Gifted Personalised Gift Wrap

I love giving gifts to family and friends and getting to wrap the gift is all part of the magic. I never understand why some people dislike wrapping presents so much. I honestly love nothing better than sitting down to wrap some gifts with music on in the background and a glass of fizz in hand. There’s just something so nice about it all. It’s even nicer when you have fabulous wrapping paper to snuggle the gifts in too. That’s why personalised gift wrap from Pretty Gifted is perfect to show the recipient how much thought you’ve put into their gift.

Pretty Gifted offer affordable bespoke foiled gift wraps which look and feel luxurious to the eye and touch. It instantly adds a personal touch to your gifts and will be well and truly appreciated by the gift receiver. Pretty Gifted have a wide range of personalisation options to choose from and the paper, colours and fonts have all been chosen to complement one another. It really couldn’t be easier to use either. It’s a 3 step process with paper selection first, font style next then onto the metallic foil choice. It’s so simple.

So how did I get on using the website and ordering my own gorgeous gift wrap? Well in short it was effortless even my 8 year old son could do it without hassle. Pretty Gifted even have an inspiration section to get the creative juices flowing before you start! After navigating to the Make portion of the website I began Step 1 and chose my paper. I was going to use this gift wrap for my son’s 8th birthday present so I wanted something he would like. I choose to use Silver paper and moved onto Step 2.

Step 2 was selecting the Font. There are five different fonts to choose from all just as lovely as each other. There’s Candy, Split, Monster, Arro and Lulu. I choose Monster as that seemed funky and cool for an 8 year old. Step 3 was choosing a foil colour for the writing on the gift wrap. I choose Aqua as it just stood right out on the silver paper. You can also choose Silve, Gold, Copper or Rainbow. I really like the idea of rainbow for myself.

Last but not least you have to write what message you wanted repeated on the gift wrap (maximum 60 characters). I choose Happy Birthday Logan with his date of birth and what time he was born to make it super special. I then decided to have the font size as medium (8mm tall) and added in a little lightening bolt icon to separate the text. There are 11 different icons to choose from. At the end you get to preview your design before you order which is very handy. You then select how many sheets you would like (each sheet is 70cm x 50cm) – 1, 3 or 5 and add to cart. One sheet costs £7.95, three sheets cost £18.95 and five sheets cost £29.95. They’re pretty big so could wrap a decent sized present or a handful depending on what size they are. It’s worth noting the prices include carriage and a free gel pen plus luxury gift tag which is a really nice touch.

Once I received the gift wrap I was pleasantly surprised by how thick and strong it was. It made wrapping Logan’s gift so much easier and I can confirm the cello tape stuck to it just fine with no issues. I’ve heard horror stories of luxury gift wrap not being compatible with cello tape but this definitely didn’t happen here. You can see for yourself from the photos.

Overall I was really pleased with my experience of the Pretty Gifted website and their product is as lovely as promised. Logan was really happy to read the wrapping when he received his gift and I would highly recommend to friends and family for that extra special touch.

I was sent this gift wrap free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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