8 October 2011

Halloween Trick or Treats?

Halloween is coming! No sooner have the dark nights started to creep in than the kids will be knocking on your door demanding money or sweeties in return for a little sing song. I love Halloween and enjoyed trick or treating as a youngster but what are the alternative products and services on the market at the moment for halloween? Well let me tell you...

Build-A-Bear Workshop

If your little one is a bit too young for Halloween then why not treat them to a lovely teddy from build-a-bear? They now have their halloween teddies in store and there are some crackers, from hello kitty to a buzz lightyear monkey!

BlueStone National Park Resort

Fancy something completely different this Halloween? Take the family down to BlueStone in Wales for some fun and ghoulish activities. Check out what BlueStone have to offer.

Magic Choc

This really is amazing this stuff. Magic chocolate that you can mold into any shape and it doesn't melt! Definitely worth treating this kids with this one at Halloween.

Annoying Monsters

Halloween is all for scaring isn't it! Well get the kids some of these annoying monsters and they'll have you jumping out of your skin when you least expect it. Poke them in the eye and hear them scream or press their hand to record a frightful message.

Haunted House Bird Box

This is definitely a treat for the garden and why not rustle a few feathers by putting this in your garden on the run up to Halloween. Bet the neighbours will love it!

Knitted Pumpkin Rattle

For the babies out there at this time of year why not treat them to this very sweet knitted pumpkin rattle. Handmade and fairtrade, what more could you ask for!

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